The Departed: 'Made by a Mac' gets new meaning

The Departed finally netted Martin Scorsese an Academy Award that many felt was long overdue. I personally haven't seen it yet (I know, I know), but the film has just become notable for another reason: Scorsese used iChat to direct one of its final shots. As the monstrous Macenstein tells the summarized story from a Blackmagic Design case study on the film, filming had wrapped in LA, but Scorsese called for a re-shoot of one scene. The only problem was: he was in NY, and the crew was still in LA. The solution? The crew set up a Mac and "aimed iChat at the video tap on the camera" so Scorsese could view the action in NY (note the interesting use of calling the iSight + iChat setup as simply 'iChat'). A microphone and speaker system were also set up so Scorsese could call the shots as he was viewing footage in real time.

[via digg]