RedPost unveils DIY digiframe kit with 19-inch LCD

Nah, 19-inch digital photo frames aren't a newfangled creation, but RedPost Inc. is hoping to add a dash of whateva-you-please to the process by offering up the RedPost/Kit. The self-proclaimed do-it-yourself digiframe kit allows you to order up the device in six colors (including an unfinished iteration for the painters in the crowd), and it even runs a Linux operating system that should please the tinkerers as well. Of course, you'll also get a 19-inch LCD, 200MHz fanless x86 CPU, 128MB of onboard memory, 802.11b/g WiFi connectivity, and VESA mount compatibility. Still, for $549, you could probably just break away from the quasi-fabricated world altogether and assemble your own for a good bit cheaper.