Alliance: The Silent War possibly shelved due to Second Life

Windward Mark Interactive's first next-gen offering may have been shelved due to their recent acquisition from Linden Lab, makers of Second Life. Last month, Linden Lab acquired Windward Mark for their graphic technologies, reportedly to assist in a graphical overhaul for Second Life. Asi Land, Windward Mark Interactive's president, says even he is unsure of the future of Alliance: The Silent War. "We'll see how it plays with our new roles here at Linden ... we're very much still in love with the project," said Mr. Land. Too early to count it out completely but at the same time, don't hold your breath. It's a shame too, because the technologies acquired by Linden Lab are quite impressive. For example Nimble, their 3D cloud system, is quite spectacular, although its inclusion in a shooter would likely lead to players staring at the clouds more than shooting people in the face. Nevertheless, we hope Windward's new home allows them to continue the project through to completion.

[Via PS3 Forums]