iriver's Disney Mplayer puts Mickey ears to good use

Aww, isn't that cute? We get warm fuzzies just looking at this mouse ears MP3 player that iriver is building for Disney, creatively dubbed the Mplayer. Sure, ergonomics are pretty much a no-go, same for pockeability, but at least the controls shouldn't be too hard to figure out, and we don't figure iriver is going to be charging too terribly much for the privilege of ownership. No word on internals, or much more launch info than "this month," but somewhere in the 512MB to 2GB-ish range seems a shoe-in for flash memory capacity. Even better news is that iriver is unveiling this one in a sort of series, which started with the NV at "-2," was followed by the D5 at "-1" and has this Disney player repping the "+1" slot. Two more days of fresh iriver goodies? Sign us up.

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