Hardware companies: debuting something this fall? Read this.

Engadget has no shortage of readers who don't just love gadgets, they're in the business of making them too. Well, this post goes out to all the industry folk in the house. In joining the TechCrunch20 Conference's panel of experts, I'm charged with helping source some hot new hardware to debut at the show this September. Presenters can expect to hold court with the usual set of luminaries, influencers, and tech journalists, but the best part is unlike other conferences, you don't have to pay off the conference to demo your wares -- you just have to have something really interesting to show. The rules? Simple: whatever your company shows has to debut at TC20, and submissions are due by July 6th.

Interested? Hit me up at techcrunch20 at engadget dawt com. (Yes, embargoes and information will be held in confidence -- your secret's safe.) More about the TechCrunch20 conference here.