Fujitsu's P7230: now in pink with Core Duo ULV

Fujitsu looks to be trying to get as much out of its P7230 ultraportable as possible, with the company now offering a bit more choice in the processor department, along with a new limited edition pink model for those tired of the standard un-colorful fare. Somewhat curiously, the most the pink model gets is a Core Duo U1400 Ultra Low Voltage processor, while the standard black model now tops out at a Core Duo U2500 ULV. Otherwise, the two boast mostly similar specs, including a 10.6-inch display, Intel 945GMS Express chipset, 1GB of RAM, and a max 80GB hard drive (though not more than 60GB on the pink model). Each also have the same $1,599 starting price, with the top-end U2500-based model running just over $2,000.

[Thanks, Pete]