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Apple takes you on an iPhone guided tour

We know, we know, seven days is just too long to wait. So what's a salivating iPhone junkie to do to pass the time? Apple has the answer with its new incredibly detailed "Guided Tour" video of the device. No real secrets being revealed, but the video gives an in-depth look into the ins and outs of using most of the apps and getting your way around everyday functions like unlocking the phone, merging phone calls and skipping through Visual Voicemail like a rockstar. There's nothing here to dispel doubters, since the real proof of the pudding is going to come from touching the screen with your own hands and waiting on EDGE to deliver sites quite a bit slower than shown in the demo, but the true believers in the room aren't going to be exactly disappointed by the consistently slick interface and features shown off in the video.

Update: Engadget buddy Michael Gartenberg points out that "if you watch closely, you'll notice mail does appear to support Office attachments after all." Damn, there goes one more solid argument for the WinMo camp.