Dell's XPS m1330 and Inspiron laptops now on-line

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Dell's XPS m1330 and Inspiron laptops now on-line
After an initial appearance on Canada's site, Dell's new XPS m1330 and Inspiron laptops have broken free from the rumor mill. Available on-line now, the new 17-, 15-, and 14-inch Inspirons start at $769 while the XPS m1330 hottie will set you back at least $1,684 $1,299. Specs are in line with what we've already heard: LED-backlighting, slot-loading and Blu-ray optical, SSDs, big juicy 1,920 x 1,200 resolutions, GeForce Go 8600M GT graphics, 2x hard disk configurations and enough colors to make you doubt your manhood.

Update: Dell just updated the website (again) to reflect a starting price of $1,299 for the XPS m1330. That's more like it.

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