iPhone facts from the first reviews

Well, the first reviews are in. But you may have missed some of the more interesting factoids unearthed by the trio of gadget reporters deigned worthy by El Jobso to get a pre-launch iPhone. Here's a few fresh n' interesting iPhone facts right off the presses:

  • The mobile version of OS X or whatever it is the iPhone runs takes up 700MB of the device's capacity. Damn son! Update: we think Pogue got this wrong, we don't really know exactly how much space mobile OS X uses, but it's nowhere near 700MB.

  • There's no way to cut, copy, or paste text! WHOA! Big, big mistake.

  • No A2DP support. That, friends, is such a huge bummer right there.

  • Sorry, music can't be used as a ringtone -- even if it's just a raw MP3. No additional ringtones will be sold at launch.

  • On a PC the iPhone syncs with Outlook for calendars AND addresses! Noice.

  • It supports Exchange in some capacity, according to Walt, but he doesn't exactly say how.

  • Pogue again confirms document file reading -- but not editing -- for PDF, Word, and Excel (only).

  • Adobe Flash support is officially out. It's just not in the browser. Neither is there any other kind of embedded video support. Sorry everybody, that's that.

  • It will take snaps, but won't record video. How can Apple love YouTube as much as it does and not realize cellphone-shot movies make up a sizeable chunk of the crazy crap you find on there?

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  • Oh, and no MMS. And sorry, no voice dialing, either.

  • Contact groups can't be emailed as contact lists.

  • Apple sez between 300-400 charges the iPhone will lose battery capacity -- you'll send it in and get the cell replaced for a fee. Meh. We knew this would be the case, but still, meh.

  • Apple can (and supposedly will) be rolling out periodic updates -- no surprise there.

  • Battery life is, somehow, almost as mind-blowingly good as Apple claims for calls, music, and movies.

  • As we suspected, users are prompted with lists of WiFi networks if you're not nearby a trusted hotspot. We've seen this on other phones, and we're afraid this would get friggin annoying.

  • It's said to be very scratch resistant. The facade both front and rear apparently just doesn't pick up marring like regular iPods do.

  • Voice quality is said to be good -- not great.

Anything else we missed from in there?