Intel boosts high-performance computing with new cables

Intel looks to have found a way to make high-performance computing (or HPC, as it's called) even more high-performance, today unveiling some new cables designed to give clustered systems a boost, along with a new "Intel Cluster Ready" initiative that's intended to ensure the various components all get along nicely. The cables, dubbed "Intel Connects," will work with Inifiband and 10 GbE-based systems, and promise to deliver speeds up to 20 Gbps over a distance of 100 meters. What's more, the cables also look to be quite a bit more manageable than those of the current variety, weighing 84% lighter, measuring 83% smaller, and boasting a 40% smaller bend radius. No word on when they'll actually be available though, so those of you running a render farm in your basement will have to put up with the current mess of cables for a little while longer.