Steve Jobs to make a rare company-wide speech tomorrow

No one really knows where Steve's going to appear on iDay, but we've confirmed with multiple sources at Apple that tomorrow morning at 11:00AM he'll be giving an all-hands "Town Hall" iPhone mini-Stevenote for employees only -- so obviously we're not invited. Some of our peeps remember the iPod Town Hall meeting (at which Steve offered up $200 iPods -- nothing to snub your nose at its 2001 introduction) -- so if it wasn't already totally completely driven home by this point, his Steveness seriously considers this week's big launch to be a turning point for Apple, and possibly the gadget industry in general. And whether or not the iPhone's even at all successful, we'd tend to agree. Memo published after the break.

From: Steve Jobs
Date: June 27, 2007 1:47:55 PM PDT
To: [redacted]
Subject: Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow


We're launching the most revolutionary and exciting product in Apple's history this Friday. And given Apple's legacy of breakthrough products, that's saying a lot.

I'd like to get together and share my thoughts about this amazing moment for our company. So please join me for a company-wide communications meeting tomorrow, Thursday, at 11:00AM in Town Hall.

This meeting will also be broadcast to other Apple campus locations. Please check [redacted] for details.

See you there,