iHome Audio iH858 bike-mounted iPod dock

Sure, you might have the soundtrack of a bustling city or the quiet calm of the countryside to provide background music for your biking trips, but every once in awhile you're bound to want to seriously shred to Ride the Lightning. Well, the cats over at iHome Audio have got you covered with the iH85B, a totally tubular accessory that lets you cram your iPod inside and bump some jams while you push pedals. Basically, you mount the dock onto your bike frame like you would a water bottle -- except this water bottle blasts multiple dBs of "Fade to Black" and totally takes it back to the 80s ghetto blaster style. The iH85B also has an RF remote, so you can control your iPod and keep your eyes up top, and the whole thing is water and impact resistant -- although, if you're running into stuff on your bike, you've probably got better things to worry about than your iPod.