iLoser retains place in line, crisis averted

Rarely does a reader-submitted tip appear so urgent that we feel the immediate need to leave the comfort of our cushy home office, but when we heard that Greg the iPhone Camper [a.k.a. New Jersey highway maintenance worker and professional line sitter Greg Packer] -- affectionately dubbed "iLoser" in the media -- had been dragged out of line at Apple's Fifth Avenue store along with the rest of the wackos hopefuls, we were obligated to spring into action and investigate. Well it turns out that the reports of Greg's preemptive removal were greatly exaggerated, as the man himself was right there yucking it up with reporters and curious passers-by just like he has been since Tuesday morning. Keep on reading for more pictures of this unlikely internet celeb, along with a few shots of the madhouse that the corner of 58th and 5th has become...

Not surprisingly, even the sedentary activity of sitting in line makes a man thirsty on an oppressively hot Manhattan afternoon.

Line sitters have the same needs as the rest of us: they just need to perform those functions in public.

Interesting tidbit: girls and women also seem to be fascinated by the iPhone and all the hype surrounding it -- as evidenced by Sirius' Cosmo Radio live on the scene -- but become decidedly less interested when the topic of conversation turns to writing and editing a gadget blog.

It's already pretty wild out there; can you imagine what this place is gonna look like in less than 24 hours?

We guess that's why these crowd control barriers are being hauled in by the dozen.

Good luck tomorrow buddy!

[Thanks, Jonathan]