TiVo offers limited transfer of Lifetime Service for $300

It's the TiVo guy!

Say you've got an old TiVo with the Lifetime Service option (you know, the one with no monthly subscription fees), yet you're always sad when you see your friends and their fancy Series2 boxes, with the ability to record two channels at once, or download the latest legit firmware and fixes. Well TiVo has announced a limited time offer to "transfer" your Lifetime Service to a new Series2 dual-tuner 80-hour unit for $299. You'll need to make sure your original DVR was activated before June 2003, and you have until July 23rd to get all those de-soldered wires back in place and figure out how to get the "warranty void if removed" sticker back on that old unit.

[Via Zatz Not Funny!]