iPhone accessories unveiled: Bluetooth headset (with dock) is $129

The iPhone accessories have been announced. It's a fairly limited assortment with the most interesting being Apple's new Bluetooth headset. $129 is the price just like we heard. 5.5-hours of talk and 72-hours of standby. And yes, it includes the iPhone Dual Dock which allows you to charge the iPhone and headset in parallel. Otherwise, that dock is $49. Sorry, they don't list the headset without the dock. The iPhone Bluetooth Travel cable (pictured to the right) goes for $29 as will a pair of replacement stereo headphones. The $49 iPhone Dock (which may or not be the same one shipping with the iPhone) also includes an audio line-out jack. Apple also unveiled the "Works with iPhone" logo. Remember, not all iPod accessories (like FM transmitters) will work with the iPhone. What do you want for $500?