Microsoft working feverishly on answer to iPhone?

You've already seen bits and pieces of this morning's Today Show, but another segment in the broadcast managed to grab a trip inside Microsoft's Mobile Design Lab where engineers and "audio geeks" look to be hard at work as they try to "redefine cool." Notably, the video fails to show any undercover shots of prototype mobiles that Microsoft may have up its sleeve, and it seemed that this "sneak peek" was intentionally devoid of innovation (secrets we can't know about?). Nevertheless, we do get a chance to see dedicated ringtone makers, and while it's already understood, any future mobiles coming out of Redmond will reportedly attempt to cram "as much of your PC into your cellphone as possible." Best of all, however, is the aptly-dubbed isolation room, which left the interviewer grumbling over how tough it was to peck out an email on the tiny keys of his smartphone. And whether you want to believe it or not, Robbie Bach was seen stating that the iPhone "doesn't change Microsoft's strategy nor its approach."

[Thanks, Toph]