Helio pits Apple's iPhone against Ocean

Let's face it, the comparisons between (insert phone here) and Apple's handset began long ago, and now that the thing is actually in customers' hands, the potshots are likely to start flying at mach speed. Enter Helio, who has already felt it necessary to create a comparison chart essentially showing off the areas in which the Ocean is stronger (or at least more attractive) than the iPhone. Quite frankly, the chart does make a few good points, most notably around the iPhone's lack of GPS, strangely omitted MMS ability, and the obligatory removable battery; of course, we personally aren't offended nor joyous about "MySpace integration," but we suppose it could sway some folks tweens one way or another. We know you're anxious to see just what Helio has to say about the strong competition, and while the chart doesn't seem quite as hostile as the apparently bitter Helio salesman we ran into earlier today, be sure to give it a read after the break.