Turning on a 360 Rube Goldberg style

Proud Xbox 360 owner ethjam0909 must have thought that turning on his white box was a little too easy or he just had had a lot of free time, because he felt compelled to construct a Rube Goldberg machine to power it up. Embedded above is a video showcasing his machine, which uses a marble, blanket, and some string to turn on his 360. Our favorite part has to be the end where ethjam0909 glows with pride by giving the camera the "oh yeah, I roxorz" smirk. Rock on ethjam0909, we'd so make one of those contraptions to power on our Xbox 360 at Fanboy Towers, but it's against house rules. And as everyone knows, we're good kids who abide by the rules.

[Via 360 Style]