Can Apple meet iPhone demand?

Analysts seem to be tripping over themselves telling us how well the iPhone sales are going. In fact, Goldman Sachs is now estimating some 700,000 units were sold in just the first weekend alone. Sweetness to the ears of Apple no doubt. But... look at the retail availability trend above from data harvested off Apple's iPhone locator site. On Saturday June 30th, Apple showed 100% availability at their stores although we know at least some of these were only stocked with 4GB models. On Monday, availability dropped off to 84% and then just 61% as of yesterday, July 2nd. This morning, Apple's only showing a 42% availability across the nation of which we're guessing most are the less sexy 4GB models. We'll have to wait for the stores to open but as far as we know, AT&T has still not managed to restock since selling out in the opening hours. Thus, anyone looking to purchase the device must either order on-line (and wait 2-4 weeks for delivery) or hoof it on down to your "local" Apple store which could be a state (or two) away. Now, depending upon your economic persuasion, this is either good news for Apple since stock isn't rotting on the shelves or bad news as they trend towards a replenishment issue with an inability to post profits in line with consumer demand. Before panicking however, you should note that several stores, particularly in Apple's home of California, who did not have stock yesterday are showing green for Tuesday.

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