Sprint launches BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

While Sprint's launch of the dual-mode BlackBerry 8830 doesn't come as a surprise -- we knew it was only a matter of time before it hopped into Sprint's portfolio -- subscibers may raise a cheer if looking for some worldwide phone action. For only $199 (with a new two year agreement and data plan, of course) Sprint subscribers will be talking in 170+ countries and surfing in more than 70 -- which makes RIM's 8830 device just a wee bit handier than a GSM set. As an added bonus, Sprint has served this thing up SIM unlocked, which, for the GSM uninitiated, means you can buy a local SIM card when abroad, pop it in, and take advantage of local calling tariffs. This thing has launched on carriers everywhere and seems a no-brainer if you travel in areas only serviced by GSM and can't survive without RIM's finest at your side.

[Thanks, Chris G]