Man details attempt to get AT&T's $10 DSL

While we're no doubt sure many of you have already attempted to get in on AT&T/BellSouth's "offer" for $10 DSL, those that have yet to take the plunge may want to first read up on the customer service adventures of one Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins, who recently set out to find just what was involved in getting the deal. As you might have guessed, the first requirement is an ample suppy of patience, as Rizzn spent about four hours on the line before actually getting some degree of satisfaction. During that time, he found that he first had to get some basic phone service (the cheapest of which was $7 a month), and pay an extra dollar for various taxes and special tariff add-ons, bringing the total monthly cost to $18. For some reason, however, he has to wait until July 9th to actually get the $10 DSL deal activated, at which point he promises to follow up with details on how it all worked out.