WowWee's Roboquad gets reviewed

Although you may expect all of WowWee's creations to start to bleed together at some point, reviewers over at PC Mag would be quick to deny such a claim, as it deemed the Roboquad a creature "unlike any toy or robot it had seen before." In a few hours of at-home testing (you know, with rambunctious children), it managed to get everyone involved and keep them from bouncing off the walls, and while controlling the critter wasn't always simple, it's "Autonomy" mode proved most exciting anyway. Overall, the Roboquad fits best into families where unusual and unique are commonplace occurrences, and if you think your offspring (or yourself, it's okay) could spend hours on end tinkering with a robot akin to a "drunken crab," WowWee's latest just might be worth your $99.