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Belkin takes USB hubs to the next level

Belkin has introduced three new clutter-destroying, space-saving hubs that will have you straightened up and back in business in no time. First there's the Swivel Hub ($29.99), which allows you to swing its four USB ports in any direction you'd like instead of having to use totally bendable cables to determine the angle of hub entry. Next up is the Clip-On ($29.99), a two port hub which opens up your workflow by clipping to the side of a desk and wrangling your loose cables -- unless your desk is thicker than 1.25 inches, which would make this product worthless. Finally, Belkin wants you to get acquainted with the Hub-To-Go ($49.99), a base of three ports which has a travel adapter containing four more that you can "take on the go", although you'll probably have to cancel your vacation plans since you just spent $50 on a USB hub.