Casio Exilim EX-S880, EX-Z77 boast YouTube capture mode

Look out YouTube fanatics, your next digital camera has arrived. Casio's latest pair of Exilims don't deviate much from their predecessors, but a recent agreement with YouTube has enabled the duo to boast a "unique YouTube capture mode," as well as bundle in software "to provide ideal settings for recording, storing, and uploading video." The 8.1-megapixel Exilim Card EX-S880 ($299.99) touts a 2.8-inch monitor, SD / SDHC support, and comes in black or red motifs, while the 7.2-megapixel Exilim Zoom EX-Z77 ($229.99) trims down with a 2.6-inch LCD but arrives in four varying colors. Both cameras' YouTube capture mode records in 640 x 480 H.264, and provides "two step" access to get your clips from the flash card to the web. Look for the video-savvy pair to land in retail outlets next month.