China removes skeletons from World of Warcraft

The Chinese version of World of Warcraft has removed skeletons. Yup, skeletons are no longer in the game. No fighting skeletons and no skeletons signifying you've resurrected. Enemy skeletons now have flesh on them and dead players are symbolized by a tombstone. The9, which runs WoW in China said the change was made due to China's "particular situation and relevant regulations."

No real reason for the change were given, but Chinese WoW players have expressed their unhappiness with the decision. The best possible explanation the Reuters piece could come up with is that in April, China began a campaign to combat "negative online influences" on the Internet. It's aimed at fraud and illegal lotteries (wonder if gold farming is on there?). So enjoy your skeleton-less World of Warcraft China, 'cause for some odd reason the government just doesn't think a skeleton is a "healthy" thing for your body.