Dance Dance Revolution: Biggest Heads

Konami has released some screens of their new Wii-style Dance Dance Revolution, entitled Dance Dance Revolution HOTTEST PARTY. And it mostly looks like a DDR game, with some small adjustments. Hottest Party (we're going to stop with the caps, if that's all right) includes the same Free Play and Diet Modes as other DDR games, but also includes simultaneous four-player mode for people with really big living rooms.

The most noticeable adjustment is head size. That's funny, and a little weird, but totally cosmetic and won't get in the way of anyone's Dance Dance Revolving. What's a little more interesting than cranial embiggening is the Wiimote/Nunchuk usage. There seem to be special arrows that instruct players to point their hands in a certain direction, much like Samba de Amigo. Sometimes even the on-screen characters hold Wiimotes and Nunchuks.

The dance pad has made it to the Wii pretty much unscathed, with no Wiimote-shaped cavities or anything. It's a basic dance pad in a Wii color scheme. It appears to be wired, probably USB. We didn't need more-- with the extra waggling, this game seems complicated enough!