JP Morgan retracts iPhone nano insinuations, hints at 3G flavor in 2008

Oh c'mon, it did sound too good to be true, did it not? To just about everyone's chagrin, the hope-filled comments made yesterday by Kevin Chang have now been retracted by JP Morgan, and it looks like the iPhone nano will return to the depths of our imagination for the moment. According to a rebuttal put forth by the North America Equity Research division, the firm "has not been able to independently confirm" his comments with a second source, and also mentions that "a lower-end iPhone appearing in the near-term would be unusual and highly risky." Notably, putting the rumors to rest wasn't the only order of business in the writeup, as it was suggested numerous times throughout the document that JP Morgan believes a "high-priced, non-subsidized 3G model" will surface "in the first half of 2008." Squashing one piece of scuttlebutt whilst conjuring up another (entirely more probable) report, now that's the way we like it.