Konami announces new DDR, removes arrows (seriously)

BREAKING NEWS. Konami just sent a press release for a brand ... new ... Dance Dance Revolution game. Again. Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 for Xbox 360 will be "the best-looking DDR game to date." In addition to the now-standard Xbox Live support and Quest Mode, the biggest addition to Universe 2 is Freestyle Mode. This new mode has all the dance-dancing of DDR, with none of the arrows, allowing players to mindlessly stomp on their pads. Konami says it's "perfect for kids or anyone with two left feet." In short, it's made for people that should have never played DDR in the first place.

For those afraid that the 360 version will not provide enough challenge, the upcoming PS2 Supernova 2 will include the awesomely titled "Hyper Master Mode." Konami's E3 showing contains three DDR games: DDR Universe 2 on Xbox 360, Supernova 2 for PS2 and Hottest Party for Wii. We're hoping that the rest of Konami's E3 line up will have, y'know, some other real games too.