Packard Bell intros "FunKey Town" MP3 player

Much like the oft-resurrected Commodore brand, the current incarnation of Packard Bell seems to continually find new products to slap its name on, the latest of which is the unfortunately-named "FunKey Town" MP3 player. Apparently, Packard Bell considers this to be "the first streetwear MP3 player," not to mention a "veritable fashion statement." While that may be overselling things, the player does look to be decent enough, available in 1GB or 2GB varieties, boasting the usual support for MP3 and WMA file formats, a retractable USB port, with an "anti-shock" rubber skin thrown in for good measure. As with other Packard Bell products these days, this one's available in Europe only, where it'll set you back €50 or €60 (or $70-$80) depending on the size. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via Pocket-lint]