Saber's DA-1N1-I analog / digital combo PCI TV tuner

While most of the hybrid tuners we see 'round these parts are of the USB variety, Saber's DA-1N1-I is looking out for those of us needing a new occupant in a lonely PCI slot -- but we'd be careful calling it a "hybrid." This low-profile "combo" card should be ideal for HTPCs, and offers up an analog NTSC tuner with hardware decoding as well as a QAM-capable ATSC tuner for grabbing those high-definition OTA broadcasts. Meant to operate in Windows Vista and MCE scenarios, this sucka can even be installed beside a clone of itself for freaks that would actually use a dual analog / dual digital tuner setup, and the low, low price of around $99 ought to garner quite a bit of attention.