Guitar Hero III, Rock Band guitar gaming round-up

There's been a lot of guitar gaming related news lately for some reason, starting with the spotting of a wired version of the Rock Band virtual guitar. Joystiq speculates that this could mean a cheaper guitar for the Xbox 360 version of the game, but then again they've been playing a lot of Rock Band lately so the rockin' out may be affecting their minds. The second tidbit of news comes from the ever informant FCC, which has just taken a look at the Guitar Hero III Les Paul. We've seen this particular model before a couple of times -- albeit without the black lick of paint -- so it's not a great surprise to see this hanging around at the Federal Comm' Comm'. A much bigger surprise is the fact that the FCC shots don't include blurred pictures of the approval team (and cameraman) rocking out: an FCC tester position evidently ≠ a rockstar lifestyle. You can also see hands-on with both Guitar Hero III and Rock Band over at Joystiq.

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