Palm launching Foleo on August 22nd?

Per usual, this one's laced in speculation, but considering that there are potentially millions of you out there who can't wait to throw down for a less-than-revolutionary Foleo as soon as humanly possible, we'll pass along the message. According to an anonymous tipster that wrote in to BrightHand, we could see the Foleo launch on August 22nd, and it was even noted that Palm's retail stores and website would have dibs on first sales, while big box retailers such as Best Buy would be stocking it this November. On pricing, it was suggested that interested consumers could look forward to a $100 rebate right out of the gate, but we wouldn't shell out that extra Benjamin on Sour Patch Kids and string cheese just yet. Still, late August doesn't seem too far fetched for a "summer" release date, so for the handful (literally) of you taking notes, now you know where to mark that calender.

[Via The Boy Genius Report]