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Hello Kitty emergency gadget saves lives, looks real cute

Hello Kitty emergency gadget saves lives, looks real cute
Joshua Topolsky
Joshua Topolsky|July 18, 2007 9:43 AM

If you live in a place like Japan, there are two things that probably pop into your head from time to time. One is earthquakes, because the little island has been home to some of the biggest over the years, and the other is Hello Kitty -- and she needs no introduction. Sanrio, in its infinite wisdom, has sought to join these two disparate elements by creating the Hello Kitty emergency gadget. In the event of some type of catastrophic event, Hello Kitty will be there with her hand crank USB cell phone charger, LED flashlight, AM/FM radio. hazard siren, and compass -- all in one super-cute pink package. Of course, once rescue workers find you, you still might die... of humiliation.
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