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Some truth behind persistent iPhone "nano" rumors?

Some truth behind persistent iPhone "nano" rumors?
Sean Cooper
Sean Cooper|@sean_cooper|July 19, 2007 3:23 PM
These rumors just keep popping up from all over the interwebs, and with Apple, persistent rumors often lead to real product. As we've mentioned time and time and time again, all signs point to a new iPhone revision later this year, either in the US, Europe, or both. To add fuel to the fire, AppleInsider has posted that an extremely reputable source reports that the Apple roadmap for 2007 does indeed show two distinct handsets. Touted as a scaled back version of the iPod, the "nano" would focus on music and offer basic cellular features -- so you can likely kiss web surfing and mail goodbye. All this makes sense if you look back on the iPod's original launch: the 5 and 10 GB models were out within 4 months of each other, with a hardware refresh 4 months after that. If they stick to a comparable timeline, perhaps the 3G -- if there will be a 3G -- will land in early '08. We're hoping that the nano name doesn't stick, though; how about the Apple iBashful?
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