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Amp'd in death throes, files to sell off assets

Maybe it was Verizon's most recent in-court request to stop serving up costly airwaves for which it couldn't pay, maybe it was the cold reality that it'll allegedly have a mere $9,000 in the bank as of next Monday -- but at any rate, Amp'd Mobile appears ready to throw in the towel. The Verizon-serviced MVNO today filed with a bankruptcy judge to sell substantially all of its assets at auction after discovering that it was unable to line up debtor-in-possession financing, likely setting the stage for a full shutdown in the next few days. After launching less than two years ago to considerable fanfare and burning through a healthy $360 million, it's pretty shocking to see it all go down with such a whimper -- but hey, if you're looking to pick up a Q on the cheap -- that may or may not work on any other network, that is -- this may just be your chance.