Moller M200G hovercraft heading into production

Moller Industries, the brainchild of inventor Dr. Paul Moller, announced recently that production would begin on the company's M200G volantor, a UFO-esque hovercraft that apparently can "glide over terrain at 50 MPH." Moller, long known for his work in both hovercrafts and flying vehicles (see the dubious Skycar), has been working on alternative forms of transportation for 40 years. The futuristic looking craft is driven by the company's Rotapower engines, and can allegedly operate up to 10 feet in altitude. Of course, while Moller Industries offers lots of exciting talk about the future of transportation (as well as t-shirts, models, and investment options) to its customers, the company has never brought a vehicle to market. Clearly, the announcement of a "Jetsons-like" craft may fuel enthusiast's hope (and pull in some escrow cash), but the actual production and sale of the $90,000+ vehicle has yet to be seen. Check the video after the break to see Dr. Moller's invention at work.

[Via Wired]