Windows Home Server RC1 gets tested, reviewed

We know, you're perfectly capable of downloading the release candidate of Windows Home Server (or just waiting it out for the finalized version), but if you'd rather a stranger's machine be the test bed and suffer through those early adopter glitches, Terracode has done you the favor. In a fairly comprehensive review of WHS RC1, we're shown the relatively painless setup process, numerous advanced settings for automated backup, media sharing, and remote access, and even a glimpse into the DLNA streaming capabilities. While the overview took a very visual and numbers driven approach, it was derived that the Remote Desktop function wasn't exactly cut out for "intensive work," but overall, the software performed admirably and could very well be awarded a few extra gold stars if Microsoft irons out the sluggish kinks that were found. So, if you're still feeling anxious about pulling the trigger on trying this yourself, be sure and tag the read link to see what you're missing.