UK study finds no link between illness and cell phone towers

Researchers in the UK have all but debunked the theory that cell phone towers, or electronic interference, is making people physically ill. A recent study done by Britain's Health Protection Agency (HPA) said that they could find no scientific evidence that feelings of anxiety, nausea, and tiredness occur due to the presence of electronics, or GSM and 3G cell phone equipment. The tests, carried out in 2005 and reported in Environmental Health Perspectives today, claim that when neither the researcher nor the subject knew if cell signals were being emitted, the number of symptoms reported was not related to signals present. Participants did report feeling ill, but it was independent of any cell phone signals, "Hence the range of symptoms and physiological response does not appear to be related to the presence of either GSM or 3G signals," the study said. Yeah, right, next thing you know they'll be telling us those voices we hear aren't "real" either.

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