Hynix boldly plans to topple Intel, AMD within a decade

In a fairly tame show of initiative, Hynix, a South Korean company you've probably never heard of, has announced its plan to become the world's leading chip producer over the next ten years. The company, currently the world's fifth largest memory chipmaker, claims it will boost sales from last year's $7.7 billion to $18 billion in 2010 (the year we make contact), and to $25 billion by 2012 (when the Mayan calendar ends and we're all supposed to eat it). Hynix plans to gain ground by eagerly developing new technologies, and with the introduction of a new type of memory chip called Phase-change Random Access Memory (PRAM, but not of Apple fame). Analysts say PRAM will become the industry's main memory source, replacing flash storage over the next decade. Meanwhile, architects in Korea are working feverishly to design a room in the new Hynix headquarters large enough for president Jong-Kap Kim's head.