LG's rumored roadmap for AT&T

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Sean Cooper
July 27th, 2007
LG's rumored roadmap for AT&T
We're hearing about a bevy of new handsets from LG that should -- by should, we mean it is rumored -- be landing at a store near you between now and the end of year. First up, LG's CU575 "Trax" -- that we've been hearing about for a while now -- may have finally found a solid date with AT&T, look for it to arrive around about August 17th. The LG CU400 is getting refreshed with the LG CU515, an all-black 3G handset that looks like a cross between the CU400 and CU500, expected September. Also rolling out is the CU720 or Shine a 3G slider with a 2 megapixel camera in September -- we've been waiting on this for some time, thanks AT&T. Of course, we've saved the sassiest tidbit for last, the MediaFLO-enabled LG CU920 or Prada will also debut this year from AT&T, but this guy will show in early December. We look forward to the angry head to head competition from the touch screen (almost) twins. Of course, don't shake angry fists at us if some of this doesn't come true, rumors have a way of changing with time.

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