AT&T selects MediaFLO; US moves closer to mobile TV monopoly

It was no surprise to see Verizon and Sprint both select Qualcomm's MediaFLO to power their mobile TV networks; after all, Qualcomm and CDMA go together like peas in a pod. Imagine our surprise, though, to hear that AT&T has also selected the technology over the more globally-accepted DVB-H. The two companies made the announcement today, promising that a MediaFLO-based network will come through to supplement AT&T's existing video content in the second half of the year, picking up MediaFLO's newest features along the way: multicast video clips, datacasting (for, to use their words, "realtime information and entertainment, and dedicated audio. As for American DVB-H? Hiwire and Modeo have to be down in the dumps this morning, though T-Mobile has yet to make any announcements one way or the other. Admittedly, we're pulling for the little guys -- choice is always good, right?

Update: Although it is believed that Sprint's VUE trial is powered by MediaFLO, it should be noted that Sprint is still considering all their options and no announcements have thus far been made regarding its mobile TV offerings. Hope springs eternal, Modeo!