Denon launches programmable RC-7000CI remote

Right on cue, Denon has gone and launched the oh-so-snazzy RC-7000CI remote, which we had the pleasure of seeing a tad early thanks to the FCC. The fully programmable, ZigBee-based remote allows for universal command and control of all Denon remote controlled products "as well as products from other manufacturers," and those with internet access (that'd be you, hot shot) can simply connect the remote to a PC via USB and "program the functionality of all the products in their system" care of the online IR database. Paired up with one or two RC-7001RCI RF/IR Remote Bases (pictured after the jump), the duo creates a multi-room remote control system that allows for "both two-way communication and IR functionality." As with everything labeled Denon, don't expect either of these August-bound niceties to come sans a premium, as you'll be asked to cough up $299.99 for the remote itself, while each base station adds another $199.99.

[Via TrustedReviews]