How would you change the OLPC XO?

Generally we reserve this feature for already-released consumer products, but with everyone now the proud owner of "the last gadget I'll ever need," we figure that we're forced to look in a new direction for devices to collectively critique. And with the hundred-dollar-and-change OLPC XO finally in full-scale production, what better candidate to help us stray from the traditional format? Keep in mind, though, as you're tearing the charitable unit apart, that it's not really meant for the readers and writers of Engadget (at least not yet), and therefore you're gonna look pretty silly suggesting Alienware-esque specs for a project whose goal is financial prudence. That being said, there are still a number of changes we can think of that would benefit the kiddies while still keeping the green plastic wonder under budget. Like, how about a keyboard with some tactility that one can actually touch type on? And while we love the philosophy behind open-source software, the sad truth is that you need to at least be familiar with Windows in the business world -- and with Microsoft offering $3 basic installs to developing countries, why not let these machines dual-boot? Finally -- and this one is for you conservative types over at the News Agency of Nigeria -- NickNeg and friends should probably stop wasting time with those ineffective filters and simply make the machines incapable of displaying flesh tones instead.

Well that's the best we could come up with; now how about you -- how would you change the OLPC XO?