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Samsung's NV8, NV15, and NV20 Smart Touch shooters

So in addition to their newest PMP cam, Samsung also loosed three updates to their NV (as in eNVy, yuk yuk) line-up of digital cameras. On the mostly meaningless megapixel scale, we're looking at the 8 megapixel NV8, 10 megapixel NV15, and 12 megapixel NV12. All the new NV cams feature Samsung's "Smart Touch" softkeys surrounding a 2.5-inch LCD, Schneider optics with a 3x optical zoom, likely useless ISO 3200 max sensitivity with ASR image stabilization, face detection technology, SDHC expansion, and VGA video at 30fps. The NV20 and NV15 both hit the US in the Fall for $399 and $299, respectively, while the NV8 is TBD on all accounts.