DirecTV TiVo owners to get update in early '08

DirecTV HD TiVo hr10-250

Yeah, we know, it's hard to believe that DirecTV and TiVo are continuing to add features for hardware that is no longer available for purchase and that DirecTV takes every opportunity to replace with its own branded DVR. But we can only hope that this is a prelude to a new DirecTV TiVo. In the meantime current owners can expect to get a few of the great features that stand-alone TiVo owners have enjoyed for some time. A full feature list is not included in the announcement, but the few that are include: a deleted items folder, overlap protection, and DirecTV's remote booking feature -- which we assume will require a home phone line or could mean that USB Ethernet support will be added as well. So while these features are certainly not ground breaking, we're sure they'll be welcomed additions for the owners of aging DirecTiVo hardware.