Logitech's G9 mouse and G15 keyboard get official

Logitech, makers of more input devices than you can shake a USB stick at, officially announced the somewhat radical G9 mouse and an update to its keyboard companion, the G15. The mouse, if you'll recall, is a bit innovative as it allows for interchangeable grips, adjustable weight, and can store setting profiles onboard which require no added drivers to utilize. The G15, in a similar fashion, allows for all sorts of customizable options, including 18 separate programmable "G" keys, which can be setup for a total of 54 macros. The keyboard also includes an LCD display, which Logitech feels will give "gamers critical information to help them win," because we all know there's nothing more helpful when gaming than to have to look away from the monitor. The G9 and G15 will be available in September for $99.99 each.

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