GameStop prepping for a Microsoft announcement on August 8th?

We're not sure what it's going to take for Microsoft to admit to itself that the cat's out of the bag on this one, but that Xbox 360 price drop "rumor" just got a bit more ammo in the form of a leaked GameStop memo sent out on Tuesday. Apparently the stores are supposed to get some Microsoft signage on August 8th, and if for some reason they get it before that they're not supposed to put it up until the 8th because it's super pinky swear top secret. A trustworthy source has further confirmed with us that a 360 price drop is in the cards, and that prices will match up with that Circuit City catalog from the other day: $450 for the Elite, $350 for the Premium and $280 for the Core. In even better news, we've also gotten further confirmation that the Premium will be adding HDMI out sometime soon, which we wouldn't mind in the slightest.