How would you change the Microsoft Zune?

"Tack on a scroll wheel and call it an iPod." Alright, now that we've gotten that obvious little gem out of the way, it's time to get down to business and start our unpaid weekly focus group for major consumer electronics manufacturers, with today's victim subject being none other than Microsoft's controversial Zune. Far from the complete failure some had predicted, the Zune has actually managed to hold its own in the marketplace and even develop a small but dedicated following; however, we're not gathered here to give Redmond props on the social, so let's see what kind of suggestions we can come up with for its troubled-but-promising DAP. Bigger storage capacity? Check. Non-crippled wireless functionality? Check. Makes phone calls and plays YouTube videos and gives one a heightened sense of self-worth? Checkmate. Yup, looks like we're off to a good start here, so keep 'em comin' folks: how would you change the Zune?