Lenovo aims for 'rural market,' announces $199 desktop for China

Looks like Lenovo won't be the one to get left behind in the pursuit of the "poor rural Chinese market," as the firm has just announced a basic PC that it plans to sell in that neck of the woods for between $199 and $399. While there are currently "no details" with respect to processor choices or other internal hardware specifications, we do know the unit will "include a keyboard and use a buyer's television set as a monitor." Interestingly, Lenovo actually went so far as to deny assumptions that it was merely "responding to Dell's initiative," and noted that it had been selling low-cost PCs to "rural Chinese families since 2004." Of note, there was no mention of which operating system would be running the show, but considering that Microsoft just halved the retail price of Vista over in China, you just may see it vying for selection.

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