Power outage halts Samsung's flash memory production, shortages expected

Samsung, the worldwide leader in flash memory production, has been forced to "shut down six of its chip production lines after a power outage occurred at a plant near Seoul," and while recent reports suggest that "operations should be restored within a day," the lasting effects could linger on for quite some time. Reportedly, the outage occurred at Samsung's Giheung complex and disrupted production of flash memory, DRAM, and logic chips, and while this may not sound too significant to the average outsider, estimates are already pegging losses at around $54 million. Notably, Samsung wouldn't say whether or not the hiccup will affect supplies of memory chips to Apple (one of its top customers), but analysts are already purporting that we could see "a severe shortage of NAND chips" and increased prices in the coming weeks.

[Thanks, Patrick M.]

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